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Offsite Backup to Linux Server

Post by jerick70 »

Hi Everyone, :)

I found an interesting blog post about doing Veeam Backups to an off-site Linux server that is supposed to cut the transfered files down to about 3% of actual size. I've tried setting up a test environment as described on the blog but get nowhere near this type of transfer size, my transfers are much larger. Is what the author stating possible? You can look at the blog here.... ... ith-veeam/

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Offsite Backup to Linux Server

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Hello Jeff,

Having a Linux-based target that was chosen to store the backup files would definitely reduce the traffic amount (not the transfer size) as opposed to choosing just a network share. That means that the VBK rebuild procedure will be performed locally (on the linux box) with the help of the small agent.

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