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painfully slow restores

Post by niak »

im trying to restore a VM made with a VCB backup on IBM DS3300 ISCSI San using qlogic QLE4062C controllers in 2 ESX servers plus a 4gbit teamed intel NIC in VCB Proxy/veeam server.

backups run fine. when shifting vms or uploading files with FastSCP to ISCSI storage, performance is acceptable 20MB/s. when trying to restore a VM from a backup file, restore speeds cap at about 800KB/s!

this is way too slow - i have gone throught the conifiguration multiple times, checked everything i can think of.

any ideas ?

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Re: painfully slow restores

Post by Gostev »

Our restore process uses the same code as uploading file to the same ESX with FastSCP. So if FastSCP upload to the same ESX server is fine, this points to the backup file storage being the only possible reason...

Trying copying backup file locally to Veeam Backup server, performing Import Backup operation from the main toolbar, and then restore VM from this backup to see if this improves the speed?

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