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Performing direct restores to azure from Azure Blob Storage?

Post by rhys.hammond » Nov 17, 2016 1:32 am

Hey Guys,

What is the current state of performing direct restores to azure from backups stored in Azure BLOB storage?
i.e on-prem StorSimple sending Veeam backup files into Azure BLOB storage, we lose local backups and wishe to restore backup into Azure.

I know previously it was always a case of downloading the backup files, then running using FastSCP to Azure to reupload them followed by performing the restore using the older version of Direct Restore to Azure. Obviously time need needed to complete this process was significant. This was due to Veeam not supporting Azure blob storage natively.

I understand that with the release of v9.5 and the updated 'direct restore to Azure' the need for FastSCP to Azure to upload the backup files is now handled by Direct Restore to Azure, also the upload can be be sped up by utilising the Veeam Azure Proxy to optimise the data transfer.

I know the best solution currently is Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise running on Azure but not every one can always meet the requirements for Cloud Connect for the Enterprise.
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Re: Performing direct restores to azure from Azure Blob Stor

Post by Mike Resseler » Nov 17, 2016 7:00 am

Hi Rhys,

I assume we are talking about a disaster here... On-prem is gone, but you still have backups on the Azure BLOB storage through StorSimple.

I personally haven't tested it, but I believe it should work with the VSA... One of the nice things about StorSimple is that you should be able to deploy a StorSimple VSA into Azure and connect to the backups in that blob storage. On that VM, a simple quick install of Veeam B&R (which you have lost also on-prem) and an import of the repository (backup files on that VSA / Blob storage) should be enough to immediately start recovering your VM's in Azure.

Makes sense?


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