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Post job activity

Post by slugman »


We use Veeam to backup a VMWare infrastructure, and then Backup Exec to shift the VBK files off onto tape each day.

This works pretty well, however sometimes for no particular reason, Veeam will take longer to run than normal, and will fail once Backup Exec locks the file to start the tape job. To get around this, we created batch files to start the Backup Exec jobs, and triggered them from the "Post job activity" section of the Veeam jobs. This works much better, however we've noticed that if Veeam fails to backup a server, when it reaches the end of the backup and it would normally retry the failed server, it will also have already run the "Post job activity" file. This means that Backup Exec will lock the VBK and start writing to tape, causing Veeam to fail as it tries to retry the backup.

So if your Veeam job is set to retry any failed servers 3 times, it will also attempt to run anything in the "Post job activity" 3 times as well. Is there anyway round this?

I know Backup Exec can use AOF so that the VBK will not be locked, but then we'll get an inconsistent file going to tape.



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Re: Post job activity

Post by AJ83 »

Is there a fix for this issue, i would like to use this system aswell, but the job retry`s to much to use this. (3 times a week a random vm doesnt want to be backed up)

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Re: Post job activity

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I suppose you could customize the script you run to set some environment variable after the first run (to today's date for instance), and check its state in the beginning of execution, thus preventing the script to run again on the same day.

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