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Problem with synthetic full

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I have scheduled a job with daily forward incremental and synthetic full (and trasform previous full backup) on saturday. It worked fine until during a synthetic full the .vbk file was in use by tape backup sw and the process is failed. In backup directory are presesent a vbk and a vrb files with same timestamp. Synthetic full continues to fail with same error (see below) and only vib file are produced; vbk remains the same.

I have execute a full backup (no synthetic) and the backup job is back to smooth operation but bakup file pervious last full backup are remained.
It's possible to merge this files in backup chain?


Vitaliy S.
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Re: Problem with synthetic full

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Hello Alessandro,

Every full backup run initiates a new backup chain, you cannot merge previous files into that. Also please do not post log snippets on forums, as requested when you click New Topic. For technical issues requiring logs investigation, please contact our support directly.

Thank you.

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