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Production SQL Server Backup Strategies & Best Practices

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I've been looking for tips, advice, best practices on backing up Production SQL Servers utilizing Veeam. If there are threads on this topic plz direct me to them.

Basically our old method was to do full DB backups aka BAKs and TL backups utilizing SQL servers built-in backup and store procedures. Anyone out there willing to share what their SQL server backup strategies are with Veeam?

Much Appreciated!
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Production SQL Server Backup Strategies & Best Practices

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Hello Jeromy,

Well...the best practice would be to enable "Application-aware image processing", in this case your SQL backups would be transaction-consistent. Besides, if you're using Full Recovery mode on your SQL Servers, you may also choose to truncate transaction log files on successful backup jobs. See User Guide (page 65) for further reading.

Hope it helps!
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