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Questions about VSS

Post by Chihiro »

1. I assume VSS Integration still uses VMware snapshots? Am I correct to also assume these snapshots are _not_ performed with the use of the sync driver?

2. On all my VSS-supported guests, I see the Volume Shadow Copy service, but it is set to Manual Startup Type. This seems to be default setting for any fresh install of 2003/XP/2008. Is/will it really be used by Veeam Backup as-is? Do we need to change the startup type or manually start the service?

3. Is there any way to verify that VSS Integration was successful or not, for a given job/session? (The HTML Report does not have such details.)

4. What is the difference between a) Veeam VSS Integration, and b) VMware Tools' VSS implementation (VMware Tools appropriately configured on the VM and VMware Tools Quiescence enabled in Veeam)?

5. (extra credit) How do I create a properly aligned bullet/numbered list in these posts?
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Re: Questions about VSS

Post by Gostev »

1. VMware snapshots are used in ALL cases. You cannot perform backup without snapshot.
2. As-is is fine, no need to enable anything (just make sure File and Printer Sharing is enabled).
3. If there are no errors and warning for the job with Veeam VSS enabled, it means that VSS processing was successful. Otherwise, you would get errors/warnings.
4. There are a few existing threads discussing the differences: ... SYNC#p1834 ... SYNC#p3003
5. Use "Post Reply" button instead of quick reply form, and it will give you all sort of controls including bullet list controls.
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