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Replication - changing location & incremental changes

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I have a couple of specific questions based on two deployment scenarios;

Challange - I have a number of servers & san storage at a remote site that need to replicate back to our central DR location (that can be failed over in event of site or infrastructure loss) they are connected via an SSL VPN using the internet as a transport medium

proposed solution - put a high capacity cheap server onsite - use the removeable media replication method - move the server to our data centre - migrate the replicated data to our VM cluster (as per the readme file location setup in target host selection) then resume replicatation assuming it will use incremental update only

question - Have tried this in the lab and it appears to work fine, my only observation is when we resume replication after moving the data to the cluster it seems to keep doing full data replications rather than incremental changes which will kill our solution - the source and target ESX hosts are all 3.5 update 4 - have i missed something here?

Challange - I have replication in place from source to target ESX hosts but need to move the target (replica) vms to another VMFS partition - can this be done without the replication having to dull a full replication all over again (assume you would need to edit a file somewhere?)

Many thanks
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Re: Replication - changing location & incremental changes

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Hello Dan,

Please have a look at the existing thread that should answer your question:Replication across a WAN

Also I encourage you to upgrade your hosts to version 4, so your could narrow down your backup/replication time window (using Veeam with VMware's CBT)

As for moving replica to another datastore you can try to use change destination button, move all the files to new datastore and re-run the job.

Thank you!
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