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Replication is kicking off VSS Backups of SQL

Post by Ubuntop »

Though, I have not enabled VSS within the job, backups for all of the SQL DB's are being kicked off by my replication job.

C:\ = System drive -- there are no databases here (none).

E:\SQLLOGS -- Only DB Logs on SAN
F:\SQLLOGS -- Only DB Logs on SAN
G:\SQLDATA -- Only DB Data on SAN
H:\SQLDATA -- Only DB Data on SAN

Z:\SQLBACKUPS -- Completely separate SAN, housing my traditional SQL backups (Fulls, Diffs & transaction)

My objective was to simply create a replication of the C:\ drive to another ESX server, though the VSS is kicking of SQL backups that are killing my dailys.

Let me know how to stop this WITHOUT disabling VSS completely for the server.


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Re: Replication is kicking off VSS Backups of SQL

Post by Gostev »

You should disable VMware Tools quiescence in the Advanced job settings.

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