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Replication job size error

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I have a replication job for a VM with a size of 55GB.
I use veeam 4.1.1 and vshpere 4.
Why does it create 2 VMDK of 55GB on the destination?
Why doest it create a vmdf of 20MB on the source server?
for a small server of 55GB backup use 130GB of hard disk????

Thanks for your help

Souce server:

Destination replication:
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Re: Replication job size error

Post by Gostev »

Hello, this is normal behavior by product's design.

20MB VMDK on source is from snapshot. You will see the same file if you create snapshot on VM manually through the VMware Infrastructure Client. Snapshot is required to do replication of running VM, it will be created automatically and then removed after replication completes (assuming it is Veeam Backup snapshot, and not snapshot created manually - you can look up its description in VMware Infrastructure Client to confirm).

_working.vmdk file on target is a helper file required to perform replication to ESXi target (you will not see this file when performing replication to "full" ESX). This file is a disk descriptor file pointing to an existing VMDK, so in reality it is very small - despite the size shown by Datastore Browser (this size is from VMDK it points too).

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