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Replication Using Initial Removable Storage

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Probably an easy question:

I'm starting a replica using removeable storage for the initial replica and I have copied the data to the target storage location. When starting the following replica jobs, do I have to uncheck the "Perform initial replication to this removable storage location" option? Or should I leave it checked?
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Re: Replication Using Initial Removable Storage

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I'm guessing you're probably using Veeam B&R v5, since in v6 that option has been completely reworked.

In v5, when you want to set up a WAN replication with the initial replication to removable storage, you need to check that box, indicate the removable storage location, and let Veeam create the initial replica.

You then take the replica that's stored on the removable storage to your remote site and follow the readme.txt instructions in the backup folder for transferring the files to your remote ESX host.

Or, in other words, any backup/replica that you've already created won't work since Veeam won't have the correct CBT and replica job metadata.

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