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Replications Causing Nutanix CVMs To Crash

Post by staley »


Wanted to post this to see if anyone else has experienced something similar.

We are running VBR replications to a VMWware 7.0.3 cluster running on top of Nutanix LTS. When the replication job(s) run, the Nutanix CVM's will crash and reboot. From a VBR perspective, the jobs run fine and are successful. If we disable the jobs, the CVM crashing stops. It's not isolated to one CVM/host, it's happened to each one at some point. There are a total of 6 hosts in the cluster.

We have an open ticket with Nutanix and have been trying various things. They thought the culprit was the latest esxi patch, 7.0.u3i. We went through the process of rolling back each esxi host in the cluster to 7.0.u3g. Unfortunately, this didn't fix anything.

Not sure if there is any other useful information I can provide.

A ticket was opened with Veeam this morning, 05825655

Again, if anyone has experienced anything like this, we'd love to hear about it.
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Re: Replications Causing Nutanix CVMs To Crash

Post by Mildur »

Hi Staley

Thanks for the case number.
Have you monitored the resource usage of the CVM? Maybe more memory is required?
I suggest to wait for our support team to have a look on the debug logs. They will tell us if there is a bug or known issue.

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Re: Replications Causing Nutanix CVMs To Crash

Post by bachus »

Hi, with version of ESXi? 7.0u3i is affected. Nutanix clusters on VMware ESXi 20842708 experiencing stability issues including CVMs reboot.
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