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Restore bug with thin provisioned disks

Post by yngdiego »

Background information:

Datastore1 is 75GB and holds several thin provisioned disks. vCenter reports 60.66GB free space.

I attempt to restore from an imported backup a thin provisioned VMs which have two virutal disks with a total thick size of 60GB. Actual disk allocation space is around 4GB. During the restore wizard it informs me there is insufficient disk space for the restore. But clearly there is enough disk space, since it is thin provisioned. During the restore wizard I even selected 'force thin' and it still complained.

This bug means one is unable to restore thin provisioned disks to a datastore with less free space than the total thick provisioned space of the backed up VM.
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Re: Restore bug with thin provisioned disks

Post by Gostev »

Hello Derek, this is known issue that will be addressed in the next update. You can contact our support to obtain the fix for the current version. Thank you!
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