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Restore point option suggestion

Post by topry »

It would be helpful to have an option to set restore points to keep by number of days as an option to the number of individual restore points.

Usage - For one backup set, that I run daily, I need to maintain one full week of backups, so I set the restore points to 7.
However, should I need to run a backup intra-day (which seems to happen more frequently than originally planned), I either must manually increment my restore points and remember to decrement later, or I will lose a day each time I run the intra-day job.

A nice option would be:
Keep 'x' days a max of 'y' points, but an either/or option would be fine as well.
Alexey D.

Re: Restore point option suggestion

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Tim,

Thanks for valid suggestion - we'll take a look what we can do with this.
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Re: Restore point option suggestions

Post by Bunce »

topry, see here for a few of the requests for tiered retention policies:
Synthetic full backup every 2 weeks
Maximum number of rollbacks
Setup and design questions for multiple sites
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