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Restore VM Settings only?

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I need to restore a VM's settings only. No data or anything else.

Specifically, the VM has several virtual CD rom drives that were connected to various .iso files in the datastore.

Changes were made to the CD ROM settings and now they need to be restored as they were before the changes were made. (Yes, someone made an ooooops! :oops: )

Is this possile?

If not, is there a way to at least see the settings as they were?

I have limited ESX HDD space and cannot restore the entire VM.

But, I have plenty of HDD space on the machine with Veeam.

Thank You.


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Re: Restore VM Settings only?

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You can restore the vmx file which defines the VM's configuration. When you start the "Restore Wizard" simply select the "Specific VM Files only (VMX, VMDK)" option. After picking the VM you want to restore you can select to restore any individual file that make up the VM, including the VMX configuration file. You can restore the VMX file to your local host to simply look at it, or you can restore it to original location to restore the config (I'd suggest shutting the VM off first).

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