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Root rights really needed?

Post by ao_user »

Hi all,

Does the backup user on ESX(i) systems really need root rights? What are the reasons for that?
And why are administrative rights for the VC are needed?

Can I lower the rights without any impacts?

Thanks for help,

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Root rights really needed?

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Mark,

You can configure granular permissions to connect to vCenter Server. Here is a topic that have an example of permissions required: vCenter Permissions.

As to ESX(i) hosts then you can use vCenter Server connection in order not to specify ESX(i) host root credentials, though if you're replicating to a "fat" ESX host, then having those credentials specified allows us to install a small agent in COS, which increases restore/replication job performance.

Thank you!
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