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Running concurrent Backup and Replication as a single job

Post by cby »

Is it possible to run a standard backup job for a VM and at the same time run a Replication job?

The backup will be written to local SAN and the replicated VM to remote storage. Ideally whilst the backup is being undertaken a replica is being updated as part of the same job at the same time. This will avoid extending the time of the backup followed by a replication (i.e. running the jobs sequentially).

I realise that essentially these are two independent processes but can they be part of a single Veeam backup/replication job? Or would this create high processing demands on the Veeam server or ESX host? We'll ignore the data transfer traffic for now!


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Re: Running concurrent Backup and Replication as a single jo

Post by Gostev »

Hello, no we do not provide such capability in the product.

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