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Scalability of Veeam B+R

Post by invictus »

Hi all,

I think this looks like a great product. How well does it scale? Is it an SMB product or can it scale well to thousands of VMs? We've been looking at solutions from some of the big guys, but they are super expensive and not very flexible in targeting.
We're looking at DD as a target, but I suppose you can use whatever we have at hand. Right now we have about 500 VMs and we are looking at doubling that number soon.
I'm just looking for some honest opinions from experienced users. I don't know if I buy the lack of scalability alleged by some of our larger vendors. They may just be jealous :>
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Re: Scalability of Veeam B+R

Post by Gostev »

Hi Dan,

I can give you some raw facts here:
- More than half (55%) of all product licenses sold are working in environments with more than 100 VMs
- In terms of number of backup servers, our largest customer has 88 Veeam backup servers (very dispersed pharmaceutical company)
- In terms of number of sockets, our largest customers has 1000 sockets licensed (so, we are protecting about 10000 VMs using industry average there)

As you can see from these numbers, there are no problems with scalability. Since our v4, the product is designed to scale indefinitely by deploying multiple backup servers, and federating them into the Enterprise Manager for single pane of glass reporting and control.

What we are particularly focusing on in v6 is specifically making the life of very large customers easier. For example, fully automated, 1-click upgrade of all backup proxy servers (as obviously upgrading a few dozens of backup servers is quite a long process when done manually). Or light-weight, easy to deploy backup proxies servers to allow you deploy extra "work force" much faster and smoother - both on dedicated and existing servers. But, essentially the main idea and concept behind scaling Veeam deployment will not change - you will still be able to scale us indefinitely by simply adding more backup proxy servers... it is just going to become so much easier to do in v6.

Hope this helps.
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