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Server got missed in Replica

Post by mblackmore »

Hey guys,

Performing our initial replica onsite here before we take the server and NAS to remote site for incrementals to be done over wan

All 40 odd servers were successful except one didnt run as it was running a backup job so veeam skipped it

How do i re run the replication to only do that server? can i remove the rest out of the job an dre run then add them back in???

i want to prevent having to do a full again
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Re: Server got missed in Replica

Post by Bunce »

If you re-run the job, it will error out on all the VM's which succeeded before (because its now looking for the replicas at the destination), but wil successfully run the missed VM to the initial replica path.

After that though, you're out of luck. If you run into any probs with the copy/shipping to the WAN site, you can't 're-seed' again. I'm hoping the ability to do this makes it into V5 - as it makes it quite troublesome if you make any significant changes to the VM (and therefore major WAN replication time) = and can't do another seed..
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Re: Server got missed in Replica

Post by Vitaliy S. »


Bunce is absolutely right, you should choose Retry option to "re-seed" failed VMs, besides there is no need to keep all successfull VMs on the disk while doing a retry for failed VMs. The only thing you should pay attention to is putting all VMs to the same folder at the destination storage before running an incremental pass.

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