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Several backups from Exchange 2007

Post by wec4511 »

Only a short question about backups from Exchange 2007.

For example you make a backup 3 times a day from Exchange 2007, does that not give any problems for the Log files or the database of Exchange 2007?

So is it no problem that de logfiles were cleaned up 3 times a day?
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Re: Several backups from Exchange 2007

Post by Gostev »

No problems that I am aware of. We have a number of customers who do backups more often than once per day.
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Re: Several backups from Exchange 2007

Post by mdornfeld »

We back up exchange 5 times a day, during working hours, with about 400-500 users per server. No problems at all with performance or logs.

One thing you will notice is that the value of Changed Block Tracking is diminished because so much darn data changes.
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Re: Several backups from Exchange 2007

Post by tsightler »

Actually, we see quite a noticeable impact in our environment if we run backups of our Exchange 2003 server which has about 600 users, we even sometimes get a few complaints from users reporting messages from Outlook like "waiting for data from server" or something like that. I think it boils down to how much IOP headroom you have on your storage system. Our storage systems get quite busy during peak times, with Exchange running 1200-1500 IOPS by itself. When the backup kicks off this can quickly add another 1000 IOPS or so, although it comes in burst. Add that to the IO that already exist on our small Equallogic SAN and you start pushing the limits of it's IOP capabilities.

I'm hoping that Exchange 2007/2010 will help this significantly, both because we can run 64-bit OS for larger buffers, and because Exchange 2007/2010 has significant scalability changes which lower it's per user IOP requirements.

Our Exchange server is also very busy because it's integrated with an archiving system, a unified messaging system, and has bout 125 blackberry users. Not only that, but our users have large mailboxes.

In other words, running Veeam jobs doesn't really cause a problem if your overall system has enough headroom to handle added overhead, but if you're already pushing the limits of your existing environment, you may see some impact.
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