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Slow Backup

Post by Lazarey »


Sorry, i'm sure it's not a new problem, but my backups are slows... :(

I have Veeam Backup 4.1.1 + ESX 3.5, backup speed is about 4 MB/s (optimal compression).
The speed is so bad that it takes 17 hours for a full backup of 160Go data VM.
The backup server is running Windows Server 2003 SP2 32-bits with MS Iscsi Initiator.

Which option may be use for better speed ? VMware vStorage API or VMware Consolided Backup ?
Speed was better with Veeam Backup 3.1, and seems to be better when VSS is not use, for example Linux servers. But why ?

Thanks for your ideas.
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Re: Slow Backup

Post by Gostev »

Yes it is not a new problem, but it never a problem with the product... we often have support cases like that, and this always ends up being environmental problem.

In your scenario, I would say you should be getting at least 10 times faster backup speed. Judging on your speed, first thing I would check is check all network card and switches (ESX, Veeam server, backup target) to make sure some of those have not failed over to 100Mb - this is by far the most common reason to all speed issues. If you cannot find the issue yourself, please contact our support for further troubleshooting (these kind of issues are hard to troubleshoot over forum).

The processing mode recommendations will depend on whether you are using local or shared storage, and whether your Veeam server is physical or virtual. You did not provide this information...

Processing rate is faster without VSS because VSS freeze takes time, which in turn affects the processing rate (it is calculated by dividing VM size by the time it took to process this VM).

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