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Slow Backup to Cifs share

Post by barrycuda72 »

I have 2 sites one is our corporate site and the other is remote.
I have ESXi 4.0 hosts at both sites and VCenter at the main site
We have the Veeam server running at the corporate site.
At the remote site I have a Windows server with local disk shared out as a backup location
The problem is that we configured a backup of a guest at the remote site, the backup is being placed on the CIFS share at the same site
the backup performance is terrrible as it stands it is going to take 24 hours to backup a 60G guest.
Any thoughts on what I can do to increase the performance of this?
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Re: Slow Backup to Cifs share

Post by Gostev »

Install additional Veeam Backup server at the remote site, and backup remote site VMs with this installation. Otherwise, data will have to travel from remote site to your backup server in corporate site over WAN, processed there, and sent back over WAN to remote site to CIFS share. Thanks!
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Re: Slow Backup to Cifs share

Post by ND40oz »

Hmm...that's strange. The Veeam rep I talked to specifically told me we wouldn't need a server at a remote site and that data would not travel over the WAN link. Would it need to take the same path if it was going to an NFS store mounted on the remote ESXi host or is it not storage specific, it's just backup specific for indexing purposes?
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Re: Slow Backup to Cifs share

Post by Vitaliy S. »

In any vStorage API backup/replication mode the backup server acts as a proxy for transferring VM data. No, it's not storage specific, you can use the same NFS store as your destination. Hope it helps!
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