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SureBackup Jobs

Post by etaftm »

I can't seem to get the search engine on the fourms to work so I will ask the question anyways. How do you get the Surebackup job to run as soon as the linked backup job completes. On the SureBackup demo floating on youtube as soon as his backup job finishes the SureBackup job starts. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. The only thing I see in the SureBackup is to set a time of day to run.

Any help or point me in the right direction would be most appreciated.


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Re: SureBackup Jobs

Post by Gostev »

Configure the SureBackup job to start 1 minute after linked backup job starts, and increase SureBackup job waiting time for linked backup jobs to definitely cover your backup job run time (for example, 12 hours). Thanks.

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