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SureBackup Licensing?

Post by DMermod »

When I set up a virtual lab, does this use any licensing features?

I'd like to set it up on an ESX host that is completely separated from our production hosts (that are using all of our licenses for backup/replication purposes).

Are there any recommended best practices for this set-up? Any problems I may run into if they are on different networks? Any guidelines?


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Re: SureBackup Licensing?

Post by Gostev »

No, SureBackup functionality does not verify your licenses. The only place where licenses are verified in our product is in backup/replication/copy job. We won't allow you to create a backup or replica if you do not have sufficient licenses. But, once backup is created, you can do whatever our product allows to do with it without having to think about licensing aspect. So, feel free whatever ESX host you like.

No issue having it on a separate network either, but you would have to make sure that backup server can talk to it on management and vmkernel interfaces.

Alexey D.

Re: SureBackup Licensing?

Post by Alexey D. »

Some useful reading on virtual labs: Virtual Lab, v5 On-demand Sandbox/Virtual Lab questions. Hope this will be helpful.
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