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Sybase ASE v8 Windows-based VM

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Hi. A few questions reg. how Veeam could back up a Sybase ASE v8 Windows-based VM:

1) Is Sybase ASE v8 able to perform a database dump whereby the dump
consists of flat files? If so, could Veeam acheive a transactionally consistent backup of Sybase if it backed up the files that were dumped, or would the backup be crash-consistent?

2) Can Sybase be scripted to freeze itself and flush its buffers prior to
a backup as well as to "unfreeze" itself after a backup job has been
completed? If so, Veeam could provide a consistent backup without needing to be VSS-capable, correct?

3) Is Sybase ASE v8 for Windows natively VSS-compliant? If not, could it somehow be upgraded to be VSS-compliant and then be backed up by Veeam using VSS?

4) Which of the above Sybase ASE backup methods would Veeam recommend based on which method(s) is possible as well as ease of management?

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