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Tape Backup Question

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Hello guys,
how is it going ...
My question: I have VBK's/ VIB's getting distributed onto 3 mapped Raw LUN's, each of them has 2TB of total space and `50% is used by the backed up data. Veeam Backup Job's running on schedule from every 3 hrs to every 6 hrs, or once a day (depending on the backup job).

I'm concerned of backup files being created by Veeam and then in the same time having NetBackup pulling these files to backup-on-tape. Is it recommended to File copy these backup files to another location and then have the NetBackup application accessing this data for backup-on-tape? Or, is it alright just work from the original?


Alexey D.

Re: Tape Backup Question

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There are many existing topics which could be helpful for you: Backing up Veeam Backup targets, Best Practice for putting Veeam Backups on Tape?, backup to tape. Thanks!

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Re: Tape Backup Question

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i backup my vbk`s to tape in a window when no Veeam backup is running.... works for me.

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