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Temp Directory Cleanup

Post by KJ845 »

After many tickets with Veeam support, I am hoping that message board might be able to help me with this problem.

We are having problems with Veeam not clearing the temp directory after itself. I always see this problem with failed jobs, not completed jobs. The reason the job failed has no impact on why this information is left behind.

Our current process is to back up all VM’s from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM with Veeam. Then at 1:00 am we back up the Veeam backups to tape with Symantec Backup.

The only way to fix this is to manually clean up the left over temp stuff. Then I have to delete any backups that Veeam has taken and start a fresh Veeam job.

Thank you all the help.
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Re: Temp Directory Cleanup

Post by Gostev »

Kurt, based on my knowledge we are not using temp folder to actually store any files. We only use temp folder as a mount point to create "virtual" folders and files, they do not in fact exist (and thus do not take any disk space), although you can see them with Windows Explorer or any other tool which can browse file system, and these tools will reports that these folders/files do in fact take tons of space. This virtual folders/files are required for VCB on-the-fly processing.

I can guess (need to confirm with devs) that aborted job may not cleanup after itself, this is the same case as if you would interrupt product's setup for instance, or any process that puts anything into the TEMP folder.

What you can do is use post-job script from Advanced job settings to cleanup TEMP after each job run, however again, the stuff we put there is virtual and does not take any disk space, so I personally would not worry about this at all. It is not common for jobs to be aborted, so cleaning the TEMP folder once in a year manually (if you are really worried about it) should be fine. I personally never do this on my Veeam Backup server which backs up my lab :D
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