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There are no VM's to backup - when backing up backup VM

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Running ESXi 4.1 free licensed version. Testing VEEAM Backup and Replication 5 trial version. Backing up to NFS. Successfully backed up a VM not located on the Backup server using the Virtual Applicance method. When I attempt to backup the backup server VM (using the same method) I receive the Warning that "There are no VM's to Backup". This is odd because when I configured the job I selected the VM to backup!

I removed the license from ESXi so that I could try using the Network method of backing up. This method also fails to backup with the same Warning message that "There are no VM's to Backup". I restarted all VEEAM services just to be sure it was seeing the ESXi server with vStorage API's, but it's still failing to backup.

Can VEEAM backup the VM running VEEAM? If so, what have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: There are no VM's to backup - when backing up backup VM

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Hello Matt,

Please review an existing topic regarding your situation, if you have any further questions please continue posting there:
Veeam 5 in VM backing up itself


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