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Re: Update 3 - B&R Console freeze and lag

Post by Scream » Jul 11, 2018 10:55 pm

It seems, I have the same problem with 9.5u3 recently. Case #03097589. But for me this rendered my server completely unusable, even a configuration backup job took between 3.5 hours and 10 hours.
For compliance purposes we keep session history for 3 years. Because the SQL script which was in the hotfix returned many failed lines, support changed started to do the workaround from the KB1995 instead. I was shocked when support started to delete the session history from my DB. This will cause some headache when we will have an audit again.
I don't understand how the hotfix could return error it was created for 9.5u3 (1536). This then caused problem in console too, for instance when I click on a running job it doesn't show the session details. If I double click on a running job or a job which completed I get the message:
"Failed to retrieve updated or changed rows from the table ReportSessionViewProc. Last USN: 0 Could not find stored procedure ‘ReportSessionViewProc’."
I believe this was caused by the SQL of the hotfix. At least now I can run backups, but unfortunately this is far from being a fully function Veeam Server. Tomorrow will continue with EMEA support...

Is there an ETA to get a fixed version of Veeam server released?

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Re: Update 3 - B&R Console freeze and lag

Post by Gostev » Jul 12, 2018 10:28 am

You should install Update 3a, this has ReportSessionViewProc optimized.

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