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Re: V5 VBK file names

Post by foggy »

This key is applicable to the reverse incremental mode backup files naming only.

There is another existing topic describing the way to synchronize the latest restore point using rsync when using forward incremental mode: Veeam, rsync and incremental mode : would this work.
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Re: V5 VBK file names

Post by b4bol4t »

That's why, thanks!

Last error I have now is that rsync sends the whole vbk not only the changed bytes...
Am I using the wrong command?

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rsync -v -rlt --chmod=a=rw,Da+x --stats --progress --log-file=/cygdrive/c/test2/rsynclog.txt "/cygdrive/z/adc01_reversed/"*".vbk" /cygdrive/c/test2/adc01_reversed.vbk
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Re: V5 VBK file names

Post by Gostev »

I think you are missing --inplace option, from what I remember.
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