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v6: replication across WAN: compress and dedupe?

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I am running v6. When running a VM replication job across the WAN, with a backup proxy on both sides of the WAN, is the data compressed and deduplicated across the WAN? As documented below, it seems that there is a discrepancy between the FAQs and slides from a webinar about this.

Q: Does deduplication work for replication, or for backup only?
A: No, because replicas are created in native format (uncompressed), deduplication is not applicable to them. ... -part3.pdf
Slide 9 - Replication Architecture
Uses proxies servers at source and target sites
- Source proxy (VM or physical)
-- Compresses and deduplicates the data
- Target proxy (VM or physical)
-- Decompresses the data

I'd appreciate some clarification. Thanks!

Vitaliy S.
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Re: v6: replication across WAN: compress and dedupe?

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Hi Patrick,

Actually both answers are correct ;) let me clarify it further...

In case of replication, deduplication and compression only applies while VM data is in-flight between source and target site (to reduce network traffic). On the other hand, the replica VM itself is stored in native (uncompressed) format - just like the source VM. Hope this makes sense.

Thank you!

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