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v6 Restore from Remote Repository

Post by dinger76 »

Hi Guys,

I'm loving v6 of Veeam but I have discovered an issue and wondered if there would be a suitable workaround to it.

We currently have our Backup Manager located in our datacenter (approximately 100 miles from our office). We also have a backup proxy located in our office, which has been added to the Backup Manager to be managed centrally. The issue in question comes when we try to perform a file level restore for our File Server which is located in our office. This VM is around 1.2TB in size. When we click 'Restore' and then select the virtual machine from the remote repository, it stays on 'Please Wait' for a very long time. I presume that this is because it is pulling up the files referenced on the repository across the WAN link to the Backup Manager.

Should I go through and deploy a Backup Manager to our office instead of just using the proxy configuration to increase the speed of choosing the files to be restored?

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Re: v6 Restore from Remote Repository

Post by foggy »

Chris, you will not get faster restores if you place Veeam B&R server locally. Restored VM disks are processed by an agent installed on the backup repository and this takes a long time in your case due to the VM size. Then only the files selected for restore are transferred over WAN.
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Re: v6 Restore from Remote Repository

Post by Gostev »

For "native" FLR, backups are mounted on the Backup Manager. However, actual restore process is quite efficient, as only blocks belonging to the restored files will be pulled over WAN. Plus initially, there are a few MFT blocks pulled down for us to be able to show the file structure of the backed up server you are restoring from in the Backup Browser - I am guessing this is what takes most time in your case, because of the VM size.

For "mutli-OS" FLR, backup are mounted on vPower NFS server associated with the given backup repository, and attached to FLR helper appliance, which for better performance should be running on the ESX(i) host in the same site as the backup repository.
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