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Validation of Setup

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Hi Folks,

There seems to be a seasoned group of Veeam Vets here so I thought I would post my current Veeam config to see if anyone can chime in with tips or tweaks to improve it.

I currently have two vSphere 4.1 Hosts running a total of about 10 VMs. They include Active directory DC's, Exchange 2007 and other Windows based VM's. All VM's are running on local storage on the hosts themselves with a SAN coming online in the near future.

I currently have a dedicated backup server with Veeam installed and using Network processing mode for each job. For the time being we do traditional full backups on the weekend and differentials throughout the week. These jobs are then copied to an external NAS device and the drives are taken off site.

I have questions around the whole differential/full backup method as it is new to 5.0:

I have each job's backup mode configured to "Incremental" with "Enable synthetic fulls (forever incremental) and scheduled for Saturdays. If I understand this correctly, Veeam builds a full backup file (VBK) based on my differentials throughtout the week? Is this correct?
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Re: Validation of Setup

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Hi, correct, except that those are incrementals and not differentials (throughout the week). Thanks!
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