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VCB Problems and Questions...

Post by awbc »

Hi Guys,

We have Veeam 3.0.1 and have been using this in the network mode without to many issues.

I am now trying to configure some backups in VCB mode and are having a bunch of problems getting it to work. Primarily the main issue is the following error:

"Completing current object backup process VCB error: Cancelling, please wait... Error: Operation cancelled by user. An error occurred, cleaning up..."

Steps so far:
1. I have run the auto mount disable command to not auto mount the LUNs
2. I have installed the VMWare VCB Framework and edited the config.js file with my Virtual Centre details.
3. I have created a new backup job, selecting the VCB option and then selected the correct disk for the guest I am trying to backup from the Advanced section.

When I run the job it seems to start ok and if I have Virtual Centre open I can see that it takes the snapshot ok, and then about 30 seconds after that it says "Releasing Disk Lease". Around 10 minutes after that message the job fails in Veeam with the above error.

I think it is parsing the LUN ok because in the "Objects" section it is counting the files, and this number is the same as what I see on the LUN when I do a "browse data store"

I am wondering if anyone knows why this might be failing and can help?

Also I have trouble with the "SCSI ID's" part of the process because I can't find a way to accurately marry this up with the drives. In Disk Administrator the disks are listed as "Disk 11, Disk 12" etc..etc.. and in Veeam they are listed as SCSI0:1, SCSI0:2 etc... At the moment I can't find a way in Windows to tell me exactly which SCSI ID belongs to which disk, which is a problem because we have over 70 LUN's. Is there a way to have Veeam display those disk's the same as Windows does because I have noticed in Navisphere that it lists the same disk numbers as Windows uses, so I can open navisphere, locate the LUN for the server I am trying to backup, view that disk record in Navisphere (eg PhysicalDrive17) and then locate Disk 17 in Windows all ok. The problem then is that I can't work out the SCSI ID of the LUN for selection in veeam.

I'm wondering if selecting the wrong LUN for the guest I am trying to backup could cause the error above, but what I did was remove all of them from the storage group except one server LUN (so I knew I had the correct server selected in Veeam and the LUN was for that server) and I still get the error above.

Cheers, Nick.
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Re: VCB Problems and Questions...

Post by Gostev »

awbc wrote:At the moment I can't find a way in Windows to tell me exactly which SCSI ID belongs to which disk, which is a problem because we have over 70 LUN's.
Nick, you can open corresponding VM's virtual hardware setting in the VMware Infrastructure Client, and go to drives settings: this is where you will see the relations between SCSI ID and specific drives.

Yes, VCB is very picky about storage infrastructure issues, but once you fix/tweak everything it becomes pretty reliable. As a first step, I suggest that you first contact our support with all logs - in many cases they already know what typically causes various VCB issues. If they can't figure out the reason, you may have to contact VMware.
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