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VEEAM Backup + MD3000i causing LUN Trespass

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I have, what I would deem, a frustrating problem that I don't seem to be getting anywhere with so I thought I would post it on here to see what thoughts other readers had:

I have recently implemented a VM environment at the place where I work. The basic setup is this:

* 2 x Dell R710 Servers
* 2 x Cisco 2960G switches
* 1 x Dell MD3000i SAN

When I try and run a VEEAM backup from my backup server (vCenter) this will cause the MD3000i to perform a 'LUN Trespass' and fail over all LUN's to RAID Controller 0. This only happens when a backup is occurring, I have tried to replicate the fail over by using IOMeter and doing Read/Write tests with large packet sizes but can't get it to replicate.

DELL aren't able to help me too much as they are not familiar with VEEAM.

Quite a bit of troubleshooting has been carried out including:

* Reconfiguring the iSCSI ports on each of the hosts
* Putting in Dumb Gigabit switches to eliminate any 'bottle neck' issues there may be
* Disabling and re-enabling paths in ESXi so that the hosts are properly referencing the correct Storage Processor to access the designated LUN
* Replacing the suspect storage processor with a new one

Unfortunately, none of these have been able to releive the issues I am experiencing and every day, without fail, I will experience a LUN trespass. The environment has been built to DELL's best practice : ... lt+MD3000i

Anyway, what I would like to know is if ANYONE has ever experienced similar type behavior and if they managed to get it resolved in the end? DELL keep saying that the trespass is not a big issue and I shouldn't worry about it but I want to know how to resolve it regardless.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to think I am not alone on this one but perhaps I just might be.

Cheers all.
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