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Veeam Replication Data Size Processed

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We've been using the Veeam Backup and Replication software for the past three years and really enjoy the functionality of the software.
As we have been beginning to look at rolling this backup solution out to some of our locations across europe we have been receiving a few questions from our networking team with regards to understanding the amount of data change that is replicated on a daily basis.
Looking through the information we can see on the Statistics screen on each job, we only see the full size of the virtual machine that is being processed and therefore if there is very little change or a lot of blank space in the virtual machine, the speed of the incremental backups is skewed as this information is not backed up or replicated.

Is there a way, within backups and replications, to see the actual amount of data that has been backed up or replicated? Even better is there a way to see the actual processing speed of incremental backups and replications based on the amount of actual data backed up? We could then use this information to give to our networking team to allow them to accurately size the line requirements at locations for replications.

If this option isn't currently available, is there a way to get it added as a feature request?


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Re: Veeam Replication Data Size Processed

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Hello Chris,

The information you're looking for is located right in the backup console. See our User Guide (page 106) to locate it in the UI. Besides, if you search the forums, you'll see an existing topic with some explanation of the parameters described in the User Guide : Data Size and Restore Point Size Explanation

As regards actual processing speed of incremental runs, then it is not available in the UI, but based on the incremental data amount you can easily calculate it on your own.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Veeam Replication Data Size Processed

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Chris, yes - this has been a very common request, and v6 has this information included in the job statistics. Thanks.

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