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Veeam SureBackups and Tape

Post by cerberus »

We are using VBR 11 and recently implemented SureBackups to perform automated testing of VMs using latest restore point from disk.

Our nightly backup is B2D2T.

I know this is a long shot, but it would be amazing if we were able to do Tape > Disk > SureBackup Sandbox VM to test for heartbeat.

I don't think this is supported today, the best option right now is Tape Verification in v11 (scripted).

Are there any plans to bring this sort of feature to SureBackups? Being able to go from tape to a running VM for the verification process would be awesome.

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Re: Veeam SureBackups and Tape

Post by HannesK »

what I can say is, that there are many other improvements that we want to do in SureBackup, before adding a feature like tape-to-disk-to-surebackup :-)

The point is, that tape is just a copy of disk. If the disk restore point was checked with SureBackup, then it should be enough to check that the tape content is fine. That can be done with "verify tape"

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