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Very Slow Veeam Performance speeds

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Hi All,

We are trying to diagnose why our backup speeds are so poor across multiple hosts and SAN's.
We are seeing speeds of 9-15 mb/s across all our jobs which are on 1000MB interface cards? We expected to see performance in the range of 50-80 mb/s minimum.

Our network configuration is a little complex and difficult to explain in a single sentence.
Basically we have 9 VM vsphere 4.0 hosts (60 vm guests)
A Veeam server vmguest 2003 OS with LAN connection to the service console of these vmhosts and vcenter server.
We are running iSCSI throughout our network. Dell Equallogic ps5000(sata) /ps6000(sas), Open-e DSS 6.0(sata) & EMC AX4-5 iSCSI Sans(sas/sata). These devices are networked on Cisco 2960 redundant switches. We have tried jobs all with the same result.
All the backup traffic for these jobs seems runs over the LAN interface on our Veeam vmguest?

Any help or advice here would be appreciated. :D
Veeam support I think is stumped & have asked us to revoke our Veeam server licenses and re-add them after going thru our support logs showing many job failures???


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Re: Very Slow Veeam Performance speeds

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What mode are you running for you backups? vStorage API or Network mode? Based on your description that the "backup traffic for these jobs seems runs over the LAN interface" it makes me think you are trying to use Network mode. Network mode is known to have very poor performance with ESX 4, speeds that are 9-15MB/sec wouldn't surprise me at all, that's all we see as well with our very similar environment (10 ESX host, ~70VM, Dell/Equallogic iSCSI).

You really should be using vStorage API mode. With this mode performance should improve dramatically and you can also use block change tracking for even more improvement.

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