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Virtual Appliance Mode - NIC Choice

Post by icebun »

When configuring the VBR server as a VM, what is the best choice for the NIC, Flexible, E1000, VMxNet2, VMxNet3 or does it not really matter.

In addtion, does it make any difference if I dedicated a NIC card for the VM. Had this idea that if I put my NAS and VBR on a vLan I might get better throughput as well.
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Re: Virtual Appliance Mode - NIC Choice

Post by Gostev »

For the first question, I believe the answer is "does not matter". So far we have had no reports of NIC type affecting anything, but it could be because no one even tried to compare different NICs in action. I doubt there will be noticeable difference anyway.

Second question: this is always a good idea to move backup traffic to dedicated LAN.
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Re: Virtual Appliance Mode - NIC Choice

Post by smudger »

Ther are pro's and cons of using E1000 and VmxNet, VMware wrote a whitepaper on comparison's which you may find useful as background info with regards to your use case. ... ces_wp.pdf

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