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vmware- fault tolerance

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I am query about The ability of using veeam replication in vmware- fault tolerance, is veeam replication enough?and how can I use it?
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Re: vmware- fault tolerance

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Hi Ahmed, I am not sure I understand your question?
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Re: vmware- fault tolerance

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I don't use FT, but FT is just a constantly updated replica with some intelligence wrapped around it. So, if VSS worked to quiesce the VM, and the backup was successful, then the restore will work.

FT is not part of the backup as it is a function of vcenter, and will need to then be enabled. That is a pretty simple post restore function, though.

Did that answer the question?

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Re: vmware- fault tolerance

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if your question pointed to the intention to backup or replicate a vmware ft activated vm, the answer is no, because at this time vSphere is unable to snapshot a ft protected vm, thus, no backup product on the planet can do this. the only option would be to use some backup agent inside the guest itself.
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