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Vmware Server 2.0.2 problems

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We want to make a copy or replication of a VM hosted in vmware server 2.0.2.
Server A & B both contains the same copy of vmwre server, same configuration, etc.
In a backup job, or VM copy, or file copy, the error is always the same: "Retrieving VM files information Failed to retrieve "SCSI (0:0) Hard Disk 1" disk information. Check VM virtual hardware configuration. File "[standard] xxxx/xxxxxx.vmdk" is not a disk descriptor".
In replication job the error is this: "Checking destination VM hardware version 7 is not supported by destination host (version 2.0.2)".
We are doing something wrong.

Please help!!!.

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Re: Vmware Server 2.0.2 problems

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Hello Javier, you are not doing anything wrong... VMware Server 2.0 support is experimental, and processing VM with certain disk configurations (like growable disks) will not work.

Please review the existing thread about VMware Server 2.0, and continue posting there if needed.
VMware Server 2.0 and Veeam 4.0

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