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VSS Backups with Veeam on Windows Machines

Post by john76 »

Hi all

I've a little question. I found this answer on a website:
If you attempt to backup a VM with VMware Tools VSS support module installed with Veeam Backup job having VSS option enabled, the backup would fail with the following error: VCB error: Error: Other error encountered: Snapshot creation failed: Could not quiesce file system. An error occurred, cleaning up…. To resolve this, disable VMware Tools quiescence in the backup job properties, or uninstall VSS support module.
So, i use ESX4.1. So when i use VM Ware Tools quiescence and VSS in Veeam Backup, is this good for an Exchange Server 2010? My Backups are working whit this Setting. But NOT, with my ForeFront Threat Management Gateway Virtual Machine. Then there i must deselect VM Ware Tools quiescence and VSS in Veeam. So what does this mean? When the VMWAre Tools are installed with VSS Support Module then Veeam does recognize is automatically and make VSS Backups?

Sorry for this a little bit stupid question, but i'm looking for the best solution to backup my SharePoint 2010 and Exchange 2010 Servers.

For a suggestion how to make Backups with VSS Support with Veeam, i would be verry happy. :)

Thanks for you help.

Greetings John
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Re: VSS Backups with Veeam on Windows Machines

Post by Gostev »

Hello John, best way to backup any Windows VM is with Veeam VSS. Please contact our support directly to troubleshoot why VSS does not work on ForeFront VM. Thanks!
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