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VSS integration and Oracle

Post by alex_c »

Wondering if anyone has experience of using the Oracle VSS writer (included with Oracle 11g) in conjunction with the Veeam Backup VSS integration.

I can see from the Oracle alert log that the database is being put into backup mode by the Oracle VSS writer at the time of the backup snapshot, but the resulting backup image always requires media recovery from the online redo logs prior to opening the database. Interestingly the database alert log on the recovered image makes no mention of the datafiles being put into backup mode, suggesting perhaps that the volume snapshot was being fired too soon, before the Oracle VSS writer had finished doing its job. Wondering if this is normal, or if data is potentially being lost.
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Re: VSS integration and Oracle

Post by Gostev »

Hello Alex, there is an existing discussion about Oracle VSS : How to backup Oracle, other customers are sharing their experiences there, so please continue posting in that thread. I will lock this thread to avoid duplicate threads and have all relevant information consolidated in one place.

As for your question, Veeam only creates snapshot after it hears from Windows OS that the system is ready for shadow copy - which only happens after all VSS writers (including Oracle one) have signaled to the OS that the respective application is frozen and ready for the shadow copy.

Thank you!

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