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Vulnerability during VM replication process

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For a Disaster recovery project $customer asks for a risk analisys of VM replication. Scenario:

VM's are replicated to a remote site containing an ESXi host with vCenter foundation. Replication is done with reversed incremental settings. A meteor hits the main office during replication. It is of less importance which version of the VM is available, just as long as there is a working machine to begin with.

During what period is disruption of VM replication resulting in replica corruption? Is there some mechanism that first sends the delta file to the remote site, and then commits the delta to the last reversed incemental replica version? If so, is the "Commit" just an execution command from the Veeam server and is that the only moment of vulnerability? Or is data committed to the reversed incremental replica version as soon as it hits the other side, and is the whole period that the job runs vulnerable to termination or time outs and is termination resulting in a corrupt replica?

If someone knows, could he/she please explain how the process of commiting the delta data works? Many thanks!
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Re: Vulnerability during VM replication process

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There are multiple existing discussions on this subject with detailed explanations. Please, use search before creating the new topic. You can continue posting in the existing discussion. Thanks.

Here is one of the older topics I was able to find quickly > Veeam Server DR

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