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Re-IP options during failover

Post by faruge »

Hi all,

Would anyone know if you can just change the gateway IP when using the re-ip options for an orchestrated failover. I have a customer with a stretched network and only the gateway ip needs changing.

It appears when you try to re-ip VM's, you can't just change the gateway, you have to provide a new target IP address which has to be different from the source IP address.

I guess you could script the change - but just want to make sure there wasn't a native way of doing this through VDRO.

Thanks in advance to any responders :)

Kind Regards,


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Re: Re-IP options during failover

Post by Hindawi »

Hi Justin,
I think all what you said is right. I don't know other way to change gateway IP except scripts.

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Re: Re-IP options during failover

Post by s_jahani@isc.co.ir »

Hi all;
I want to do the replication by reloading the new IP, but unfortunately the operation does not work and in Failover mode, the IP is applied again with a warning.
My guest operating system is Oracle Linux 8

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Re: Re-IP options during failover

Post by Mildur »

Re-IP doesn‘t work for Linux machines. This feature is windows only.

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Re: Re-IP options during failover

Post by nielsengelen »

You can do re-ip using a bash script on the Linux machine (for example in this forum post, this GitHub script or this older blog post).

I would test these before putting them in production though.
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