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Capacity Planning Widgit

Post by Redders »


I have an issue in my environment where the hosts and clusters capacity planning widget is displaying skewed statistics for one of my clusters.

it seems to be because of a hard coded 50MB/s read /write rate threshold is being reached.

I've approached support and there is no way to change this value.

50 MB/s seems a bit low to me, this particular datastore is an all flash array and is more than capable of of exceeding an average of 50MB/s throughput on this datastore with plenty more to spare.

my question would is why is this limit set so low, is there something I'm missing?

I cant imagine 50MB/s read rate being an issue for most modern disk arrays.

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Re: Capacity Planning Widgit

Post by RomanK »

Hello Redders,

Could you please continue to work with our support engineers (case #05428374)


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