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Feature Request - Backupdestination local Harddrive

Post by vmeup »

Hi everyone,

we have a request to backup some clients (Windows 10 Computer) on an remote site and the Idea was to use USB Harddrives or NAS Systems. In Both cases the Managementserver (Veeam BR and VeeamOne) doesn't collect/receive the Backupinformation. It would be helpful to see the last successful Backup no matter what as the destination is used.

Or did I miss some settings?


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Re: Feature Request - Backupdestination local Harddrive

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Hi vmeup

Have you tried to use managed by Agent (Backup Policies) with Protection Groups on the VBR Server to protect the clients?
You can use local usb disks (local storage) and nas devices (shared folder) this way .
The state of the backup policy should be visible in the vbr console.

You can find additional information here in the guide.
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Re: Feature Request - Backupdestination local Harddrive

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Hi vmeup,

For local path location in the agent policy Veeam B&R knows nothing about the backup files since such target is not registered with Veeam B&R as a repository. If you need the backup files to become visible in Veeam B&R / Veeam One, please use Veeam B&R repository as a target. Local path option is mainly used by the users who cannot provide agent access to the Veeam B&R repository due to network configuration issues and the limitation of backup files being 'unknown' to Veeam B&R console in such case is expected. Thanks!

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