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Veeam ONE license update failure due to DPI

Post by mcz »

Dear PM's,

we're doing deep packet inspection and therefore using a different root certificate - this certificate is (of course) listed in the trusted CA certificates in on the backup server. The whole veeam products don't care about that (veeam B&R, VBO) except veeam ONE when trying to update the license.

Is this on purpose (if yes, please tell me why) or should it work in any case? If it should work, how can we convince veeam one that the "new" root CA is trustworthy (obviously the windows trust store is not enough)?

Now of course you can work with excemptions (regarding DPI), but why not use the increased security benefits wherever possible?

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Re: Veeam ONE license update failure due to DPI

Post by RomanK »

Hello Michael,

We have confirmed with the QA team that everything is as you described. Also, it is planned to change this behavior in the future.

If you are very concerned about the current situation, then there is a workaround that could be requested from the Support. You may open a support case and provide a case ID in this thread so we could collect all the additional details and apply the workaround under supervision.

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