Disaster recovery orchestration for the Enterprise (formerly Veeam Availability Orchestrator)
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Is VRO supported NAT environment?

Post by Marcus1414 »

I have one VBR in my production and VRO deployed in DR site. VRO connects to VBR thru NAT. Is this a supported scenario? Because seems like cannot connect to VBR to install VRO agent. Just showing access is denied even though I've used the hostname\localAdmin or .\localAdmin. Meanwhile I've tried to add LocalAccountTokenFIlterPolicy into registry and firewall port is allowed. So just trying to check if VRO and VBR are supported in NAT environment?
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Re: Is VRO supported NAT environment?

Post by HannesK »

while NAT is not stated explicitly in the user guide, there is a connection from the VBR server to the VRO server listed in the ports list.

I will ask the documentation team for a clear statement.

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