Disaster recovery orchestration for the Enterprise (formerly Veeam Availability Orchestrator)
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VRO Automatic DR

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Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner with VRO and a client asked me :
- Is it possible for VRO to detect a failure on an esxi cluster and launch himself (without human's actions) a recorvery plan ?

I found nothing in the documentation about that.
Normally the VRO is used to :
- Plan DR
- Automate the process and the documentation and the test

right ??
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Re: VRO Automatic DR

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Hello and welcome to the VRO forum!

We do not include an automatic failover in VRO, because of the risks inherent in that. For example, if vCenter goes offline - should we launch a full DR plan and recover to another site, or is this just a minor network outage between VRO and vCenter?
There are usually consequences to running a DR plan, at least a service outage while recovery runs, so we do not have any automation around that. It should be a human-approved decision.

However, that said, we do have a fully-featured REST API for remote control of recovery plans in VRO. This could be integrated into monitoring solutions and specific events could be used to trigger a plan automatically. So it is possible with some additional configuration to accomplish this.

Hope this helps, any further questions let us know!
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